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List Women Tennis Players


Betsy Abbas

Abramovic’, IvanaIvana Abramovic’

Adamczak, MoniqueMonique Adamczak

Adams, KatrinaKatrina Adams

Albanese, LaurenLauren Albanese

Albert, JulieJulie Albert

Alison Baumgardner, Roberta


Alison Baumgardner

Allen, LouiseLouise Allen

Alvarez Valdene, Lili deLili de Alvarez Valdene

Alves, Maria FernandaMaria Fernanda Alves

Amanmuradova, AkgulAkgul Amanmuradova

Amouretti, JosetteJosette Amouretti

Anc(ic’, SanjaSanja Anc(ic’

Ani, MaretMaret Ani

Antypina, OlenaOlena Antypina

Appelmans, SabineSabine Appelmans

Arendt, NicoleNicole Arendt

Argeri, María-JoséMaría-José Argeri

Arn, GrétaGréta Arn

Arraya, LauraLaura Arraya

Flag of Peru Peru

Arth, JeanneJeanne Arth

Arvidsson, SofiaSofia Arvidsson

Asagoe, ShinobuShinobu Asagoe

Ashley, Teryn ?Teryn Ashley

Aussem, CillyCilly Aussem

Austin, TracyTracy Austin

Azarenka, VictoriaVictoria Azarenka

Babel, MeikeMeike Babel

Bacheva, Lubomira ?Lubomira Bacheva

Bachmann, AngelikaAngelika Bachmann

Bacsinszky, TimeaTimea Bacsinszky

Balestrat, Dianne Fromholtz

Dianne Fromholtz


Baltacha, ElenaElena Baltacha

Bammer, SybilleSybille Bammer

Barabanschikova, OlgaOlga Barabanschikova

Barclay, CatherineCatherine Barclay

Bardina, VasilisaVasilisa Bardina

Barker, SueSue Barker

Barna, AdrianaAdriana Barna

Barna, AncaAnca Barna

Barril, PilarPilar Barril

Barrois, KristinaKristina Barrois

Bartkowicz, JaneJane Bartkowicz

Bartoli, MarionMarion Bartoli

Bartos, Csilla ?Csilla Bartos

Bassett-Seguso, CarlingCarling Bassett-Seguso

Basuki, YayukYayuk Basuki

Bathurst, Joan HartiganJoan Hartigan Bathurst

Baudone-Furlan, NathalieNathalie Baudone-Furlan

Baylon, Norma ?Norma Baylon

Beamish, GeraldineGeraldine Beamish

Beckingham, ClaireClaire Beckingham

Bedán(ová, DájaDája Bedán(ová

Beer, Surina deSurina de Beer

Begerow, PetraPetra Begerow

Beigbeder, CélineCéline Beigbeder

Begu, IrinaIrina Begu

Bendlova, MiroslavaMiroslava Bendlova

Benešová, IvetaIveta Benešová

Benjamin, CamilleCamille Benjamin

Bentivoglio, Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca


Bes, EvaEva Bes

Betz Addie, PaulinePauline Betz Addie

Beygelzimer, YuliaYulia Beygelzimer

Bickerton, LouieLouie Bickerton

Bielik, BeaBea Bielik

Bielen-Z.arska, AnnaAnna Bielen-Z.arska

Bingley Hillyard, BlancheBlanche Bingley Hillyard

Birnerová, EvaEva Birnerová

Black, CaraCara Black

Blackman, Jill ?Jill Blackman

Blahotova, OlgaOlga Blahotova

Blair, MollyMolly Blair

Bobkova, RadkaRadka Bobkova

Bohmova, KaterinaKaterina Bohmova

Bollegraf, ManonManon Bollegraf

Bolton, Nancye WynneNancye Wynne Bolton

Bondarenko, AlyonaAlyona Bondarenko

Bondarenko, KaterynaKateryna Bondarenko

Bonder-Kreiss, LisaLisa Bonder-Kreiss

Bonicelli, FiorellaFiorella Bonicelli

Bonsignori, FedericaFederica Bonsignori

Boogert, KristieKristie Boogert

Boothby, Penelope DoraPenelope Dora Boothby

Borwell, SarahSarah Borwell

Boshoff, Linky ?Linky Boshoff

Bossi, AnnelisaAnnelisa Bossi

Bostock, JeanJean Bostock

Bouman, KorneliaKornelia Bouman

Bovina, ElenaElena Bovina

Bradtke, NicoleNicole Bradtke

Brandi, KristinaKristina Brandi

Brasher, ShirleyShirley Brasher

Bratchikova, NinaNina Bratchikova

Brémond, SéverineSéverine Brémond

Brengle, MadisonMadison Brengle

Brewer Segal, HeatherHeather Brewer Segal

Brianti, AlbertaAlberta Brianti

Brioukhovets, ElenaElena Brioukhovets

Broquedis, MargueriteMarguerite Broquedis

Brough Clapp, LouiseLouise Brough Clapp

Browne, Mary KendallMary Kendall Browne

Bucaille, Ginette ?Ginette Bucaille

Buding, EddaEdda Buding

Buding, IlseIlse Buding

Bueno, MariaMaria Bueno

Bunge, BettinaBettina Bunge

Burgin, EliseElise Burgin

Buttsworth, CoralCoral Buttsworth

Buxton, AngelaAngela Buxton

Bychkova, EkaterinaEkaterina Bychkova

Byrne, JennyJenny Byrne

Cabeza Candela, EstrellaEstrella Cabeza Candela

Cacic, SandraSandra Cacic

Callens, ElsEls Callens

Camerin, Maria ElenaMaria Elena Camerin

Canepa, AliceAlice Canepa

Capriati, JenniferJennifer Capriati

Cargill, AnsleyAnsley Cargill

Carillo, MaryMary Carillo

Carroll, Halle ?Halle Cioffi Carroll

Casals, RosemaryRosemary Casals

Casanova, MyriamMyriam Casanova

Casoni, GiuliaGiulia Casoni

Castańo, CatalinaCatalina Castańo

Castellvi Castillo, VilmarieVilmarie Castellvi Castillo

Cavaday, NaomiNaomi Cavaday

Caverzasio, CathyCathy Caverzasio

Cawley, Helen GourlayHelen Gourlay Cawley

Cazalet, Arlette deArlette de Cazalet

Cecchini, SandraSandra Cecchini

Cervanová, L(udmilaL(udmila Cervanová

Cetkovská, PetraPetra Cetkovská

Chakhnashvili, MargalitaMargalita Chakhnashvili

Chakvetadze, AnnaAnna Chakvetadze

Chambers, Dorothea Douglass

Dorothea Douglass


Chan Chin-wei

Chan Yung-jan

Chang Kai-Chen

Chen Yanchong

Cheney, Dorothy BundyDorothy Bundy Cheney

Chi, JaneJane Chi

Chládková, DenisaDenisa Chládková

Cho Yoon-jeong

Cibulková, DominikaDominika Cibulková

Cîrstea, SoranaSorana Cîrstea

Clijsters, KimKim Clijsters

Cocheteux, AmélieAmélie Cocheteux

Coetzer, AmandaAmanda Coetzer

Coghlan Robinson, LorraineLorraine Coghlan Robinson

Cohen-Aloro, StéphanieStéphanie Cohen-Aloro

Coin, JulieJulie Coin

Colegate, J. S.J. S. Colegate

Coleman, Patricia ?Patricia Coleman-Gregg

Collier, Beryl ?Beryl Penrose Collier

Connolly Brinker, MaureenMaureen Connolly Brinker

Contostavlos, HeleneHelene Contostavlos

Cooke, Sarah PalfreySarah Palfrey Cooke

Cooper Sterry, CharlotteCharlotte Cooper Sterry

Cordwell, BelindaBelinda Cordwell

Cornet, AlizéAlizé Cornet

Court, MargaretMargaret Court

Ranked World No. 1 at year-end from 1962 through 1965 and in 1969, 1970, and 1973

One of three players to have won every possible title (singles, doubles, mixed doubles) at all four Grand Slam events.

Australian Open champion 1960/1961/1962/1963/1964/1965/1966/1969/1970/1971/1973

Australian Open women’s doubles champion 1961/1962/1963/1965/1969/1970/1971/1973

Australian Championships mixed doubles champion 1963/1964

French Open champion 1962/1964/1969/1970/1973

French Open women’s doubles champion 1964/1965/1966/1973

French Open mixed doubles champion 1963/1964/1965/1969

US Open champion 1962/1965/1969/1970/1973

US Open women’s doubles champion 1963/1968/1970/1973/1975

US Open mixed doubles champion 1961/1962/1963/1964/1965/1969/1970/1972

Wimbledon champion 1963/1965/1970

Wimbledon women’s doubles champion 1964/1969

Wimbledon mixed doubles champion 1963/1965/1966/1968/1975

Courteix, PaulePaule Courteix

Courtois, LaurenceLaurence Courtois

Cozens, Daphne AkhurstDaphne Akhurst Cozens

Cravero, JorgelinaJorgelina Cravero

Crawford, Marjorie CoxMarjorie Cox Crawford

Craybas, JillJill Craybas

Cristea, Ca(ta(linaCa(ta(lina Cristea

Cueto, IsabelIsabel Cueto

Cunningham, CarrieCarrie Cunningham

Curry, JoanJoan Curry

Czink, MelindaMelinda Czink

Dahlam, Cecilia ?Cecilia Dahlman

Dahlman, Nanne ?Nanne Dahlman

Daniels, Mary Lou ?Mary Lou Daniels

Daniilidou, EleniEleni Daniilidou

Darmon, Rosa-Maria ?Rosa-Maria Reyes Darmon

Date, KimikoKimiko Date

Davenport, LindsayLindsay Davenport

Davidson, Barbara ?Barbara Scofield Davidson

Dechaume-Balleret, AlexiaAlexia Dechaume-Balleret

Dechy, NathalieNathalie Dechy

Dellacqua, CaseyCasey Dellacqua

Dementieva, ElenaElena Dementieva

Demongeot, IsabelleIsabelle Demongeot

Dentoni, CorinnaCorinna Dentoni

Dhenin, CarolineCaroline Dhenin

Dias, NiegeNiege Dias

Diatchenko, VitaliaVitalia Diatchenko

Díaz-Oliva, MarianaMariana Díaz-Oliva

Ditty, JulieJulie Ditty

Dod, LottieLottie Dod

Dokic’, JelenaJelena Dokic’

Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Flag of Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and


Domachowska, MartaMarta Domachowska

Domínguez Lino, LourdesLourdes Domínguez Lino

Dominikovic, EvieEvie Dominikovic

Dopfer, SandraSandra Dopfer

Douchevina, VeraVera Douchevina

Dragomir, RuxandraRuxandra Dragomir

Drake, MaureenMaureen Drake

Dubois, StéphanieStéphanie Dubois

Duebbers, NinaNina Duebbers

Dulgheru, AlexandraAlexandra Dulgheru

Dulko, GiselaGisela Dulko

Du Plooy, Annette Van ZylAnnette Van Zyl Du Plooy

duPont, Margaret OsborneMargaret Osborne duPont

Duque Marino, MarianaMariana Duque Marino

Durie, JoJo Durie

Durr, FrançoiseFrançoise Durr

Dyrberg, EvaEva Dyrberg

Dzehalevich, EkaterinaEkaterina Dzehalevich

Ebbern, RobynRobyn Ebbern

Ebbinghaus, KatjaKatja Ebbinghaus

Ehritt-Vanc, AndreeaAndreea Ehritt-Vanc

Eisel, Mary-Ann ?Mary Ann

Eisel Curtis Beattie

Elia, Silvia FarinaSilvia Farina Elia

Ellwood, AnnabelAnnabel Ellwood

Endo, ManaMana Endo

Erakovic, MarinaMarina Erakovic

Ercegovic, NadineNadine Ercegovic

Errani, SaraSara Errani

Esperon, SoledadSoledad Esperon

Evert, ChrisChris Evert

Faber, Donna ?Donna Faber

Fairbank, RosalynRosalyn Fairbank

Flag of the United States United States

Fales, Donna FloydDonna Floyd Fales

Fauche, ChristelleChristelle Fauche

Faull, Jo-AnneJo-Anne Faull

Fauth, EvelynEvelyn Fauth

Fedak, YulianaYuliana Fedak

Fedossova, YouliaYoulia Fedossova

Fendick, PattyPatty Fendick

Ferguson, SophieSophie Ferguson

Fernández, ClarisaClarisa Fernández

Fernández, GigiGigi Fernández

Flag of the United States United States

Fernandez, Mary JoeMary Joe Fernandez

Ferrando, Linda ?Linda Ferrando

Field, LouiseLouise Field

Fislova, EvaEva Fislova

Fitch Rymer, JoyceJoyce Fitch Rymer

Fleitz, Beverly BakerBeverly Baker Fleitz

Fletcher Barker, HelenHelen Fletcher Barker

Flipkens, KirstenKirsten Flipkens

Fokina, GalinaGalina Fokina

Földényi, AnnaAnna Földényi

Foretz, StéphanieStéphanie Foretz

Frankl, SilkeSilke Frankl

Frazier, AmyAmy Frazier

Fry Irvin, ShirleyShirley Fry Irvin

Fuda, RyokoRyoko Fuda

Fujiwara, RikaRika Fujiwara

Fulco-Villella, BettinaBettina Fulco-Villella

Fusai, AlexandraAlexandra Fusai

Gabba, GiuliaGiulia Gabba

Gagliardi, EmmanuelleEmmanuelle Gagliardi

Gaidano, Maria JoseMaria Jose Gaidano

Gallovits, EdinaEdina Gallovits

Ganz, DonnaDonna Ganz

Garbin, TathianaTathiana Garbin

Garcia, PaulaPaula Garcia

Garcia Sokol, Maria VaninaMaria Vanina Garcia Sokol

Garrison, ZinaZina Garrison

Garrone, LauraLaura Garrone

Gavaldón, AngélicaAngélica Gavaldón

Gehrlein, StephanieStephanie Gehrlein

Gerasimou, AnnaAnna Gerasimou

Gerši, AdrianaAdriana Gerši

Gerulaitis, Ruta ?Ruta Gerulaitis

Gibson, AltheaAlthea Gibson

Giscafre, Raquel ?Raquel Giscafre

Glass, AndreaAndrea Glass

Glatch, AlexaAlexa Glatch

Godfree, Kathleen McKaneKathleen McKane Godfree

Godridge, Kristin ?Godridge, Kristin

Gojnea, MadalinaMadalina Gojnea

Golarsa, LauraLaura Golarsa

Goldsack, Elsie ?Elsie Goldsack Pitman

Goleš, SabrinaSabrina Goleš

Golovin, TatianaTatiana Golovin

Goloviznina, MariaMaria Goloviznina

Gomer, SaraSara Gomer

Goolagong Cawley, EvonneEvonne Goolagong Cawley

Görges, JuliaJulia Görges

Gorrochategui, InésInés Gorrochategui

Goss, Eleanor ?Eleanor Goss

Govortsova, OlgaOlga Govortsova

Graebner, Carole CaldwellCarole Caldwell Graebner

Graf, SteffiSteffi Graf

Graham, DebbieDebbie Graham

Grahame, AmandaAmanda Grahame

Grande, RitaRita Grande

Grandin, NatalieNatalie Grandin

Granville, LauraLaura Granville

Groenman Walhof, GertruidaGertruida Groenman Walhof

Grönefeld, Anna-LenaAnna-Lena Grönefeld

Grossi, Marzia ?Marzia Grossi

Grossman-Wunderlich, AnnAnn Grossman-Wunderlich

Groth, Jarmila GajdošováJarmila Gajdošová Groth

Grzybowska, MagdalenaMagdalena Grzybowska

Gubacsi, ZsófiaZsófia Gubacsi

Gullickson, CarlyCarly Gullickson

Guse, Kerry-AnneKerry-Anne Guse

Gussoni, NataliaNatalia Gussoni

Habšudová, KarinaKarina Habšudová

Hack, SabineSabine Hack

Halard-Decugis, JulieJulie Halard-Decugis

Han Xinyun

Hanika, SylviaSylvia Hanika

Hantuchová, DanielaDaniela Hantuchová

Hard, DarleneDarlene Hard

Hardwick Hare, MaryMary Hardwick Hare

Harford, Tanya ?Tanya Harford

Harkleroad, AshleyAshley Harkleroad

Harper, Anna McCuneAnna McCune Harper

Harris, KerryKerry Harris

Harrison, BettyBetty Harrison

Hart, DorisDoris Hart

Harter, Kathleen ?Kathleen Harter

Harvey-Wild, LindaLinda Harvey-Wild

Hawcroft, Barbara ?Barbara Hawcroft

Haynes, AngelaAngela Haynes

Hazel, MarieMarie Hazel

, Mary HeeleyMary Heeley

Heine, Bobbie ?Bobbie Heine Miller Davie

Heldman, JulieJulie Heldman

Helgeson, Ginger ?Ginger Helgeson-Nielsen

Henin, JustineJustine Henin

Henke, Vanessa ?Vanessa Henke

Henricksson, Ann ?Ann Henricksson

Hercog, PolonaPolona Hercog

Herreman, NathalieNathalie Herreman

Hilton, Betty ?Betty Hilton

Hingis, MartinaMartina Hingis

Hiraki, RikaRika Hiraki

Hisamatsu, ShihoShiho Hisamatsu

Hladikova, TerezaTereza Hladikova

Hoad, Jennifer ?Jennifer Staley Hoad

Hobbs, AnneAnne Hobbs

Hogan, Patti ?Patti Hogan Fordyce

Holman, DorothyDorothy Holman

Holubova, MiroslavaMiroslava Holubova

Hopkins, JenniferJennifer Hopkins

Hopman, Nell HallNell Hall Hopman

, Amanda HopmansAmanda Hopmans

Horn, Marie LuiseMarie Luise Horn

Horvath, KathleenKathleen Horvath

Horwitz, Justina ?Justina Bricka Horwitz

Hradecká, LucieLucie Hradecká

Hrdinová, EvaEva Hrdinová

Hrozenska, StanislavaStanislava Hrozenska

Hsieh Su-Wei

Hu Na

Flag of the United States United States

Huber, AnkeAnke Huber

Huber, LiezelLiezel Huber

Flag of the United States United States

Hunt, LesleyLesley Hunt

Husárová, JanetteJanette Husárová

Hy-Boulais, PatriciaPatricia Hy-Boulais

Iijima, KumikoKumiko Iijima

Inoue, EtsukoEtsuko Inoue

Irvin, MarissaMarissa Irvin

Ivanova, EkaterinaEkaterina Ivanova

Ivanovic’, AnaAna Ivanovic’

Jackson, JameaJamea Jackson

Jacobs, HelenHelen Jacobs

Jaeger, AndreaAndrea Jaeger

Jaggard-Lai, MichelleMichelle Jaggard-Lai

Jankovic’, JelenaJelena Jankovic’

Jaušovec, MimaMima Jaušovec

Javer, MoniqueMonique Javer

Jec(menica, TatjanaTatjana Jec(menica

Je;drzejowska, JadwigaJadwiga Je;drzejowska

Jeon Mi-Ra

Jessup, MarionMarion Jessup

Jeyaseelan, SonyaSonya Jeyaseelan

Jidkova, AlinaAlina Jidkova

Johansson, MathildeMathilde Johansson

Jones, Ann HaydonAnn Haydon Jones

Jones Farquhar, MarionMarion Jones Farquhar

Jordan, BarbaraBarbara Jordan

Jordan, KathyKathy Jordan

Jozami, BetinaBetina Jozami

Jugic’-Salkic’, MervanaMervana Jugic’-Salkic’


Kamio, YoneYone Kamio

Kamstra, PetraPetra Kamstra

Kandarr, JanaJana Kandarr

Kanepi, KaiaKaia Kanepi

Kanellopoúlou, AngelikíAngelikí Kanellopoúlou

Kapros, AnikóAnikó Kapros

Karatantcheva, SesilSesil Karatantcheva

Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Karlsson, Carina ?Carina Karlsson

Kelaidis-Drescher, LilianLilian Kelaidis-Drescher

Kelesi, HelenHelen Kelesi

Keller, AudraAudra Keller

Kellmeyer, Fern “Peachy”Fern “Peachy” Kellmeyer

Keothavong, AnneAnne Keothavong

Kerber, AngeliqueAngelique Kerber

Kidowaki, MayaMaya Kidowaki

Kijimuta, AkikoAkiko Kijimuta

King, Billie JeanBillie Jean King

King, VaniaVania King

Kirilenko, MariaMaria Kirilenko

Kirkland, JessicaJessica Kirkland

Klaschka, CarmenCarmen Klaschka

Klaschka, SabineSabine Klaschka

Kleinová, SandraSandra Kleinová

Klepac(, AndrejaAndreja Klepac(

Kleybanova, AlisaAlisa Kleybanova

Klösel, SandraSandra Klösel

Knapp, KarinKarin Knapp

Knode, Dorothy HeadDorothy Head Knode

Kochta, MarketaMarketa Kochta

Kohde-Kilsch, ClaudiaClaudia Kohde-Kilsch

Kops-Jones, RaquelRaquel Kops-Jones

Körmöczy, ZsuzsaZsuzsa Körmöczy

Koryttseva, MariyaMariya Koryttseva

Korzeniak, AnnaAnna Korzeniak

Kostanic’ Tošic’, JelenaJelena Kostanic’ Tošic’

Koulikovskaya, EvgeniaEvgenia Koulikovskaya

Kournikova, AnnaAnna Kournikova

Krajicek, MichaëllaMichaëlla Krajicek

Krantzcke, KarenKaren Krantzcke

Krasnoroutskaya, LinaLina Krasnoroutskaya

Kravets, AlexandraAlexandra Kravets

Kremer, AnneAnne Kremer

Kroupova, KaterinaKaterina Kroupova

Kruger, JoannetteJoannette Kruger

Kruger, Marise ?Marise Kruger

Kschwendt, KarinKarin Kschwendt

Kuc(ová, KristínaKristína Kuc(ová

Kuc(ová, ZuzanaZuzana Kuc(ová

Kudryavtseva, AllaAlla Kudryavtseva

Kuhlman, CarolineCaroline Kuhlman

Kulikova, ReginaRegina Kulikova

Kunce Radford, KristineKristine Kunce Radford

Kurhajcová, L(ubomíraL(ubomíra Kurhajcová

Kustova, DaryaDarya Kustova

Kuti-Kis, RitaRita Kuti-Kis

Kutuzova, ViktoriyaViktoriya Kutuzova

Kuykendall, KathyKathy Kuykendall

Kuznetsova, SvetlanaSvetlana Kuznetsova

Kvitová, PetraPetra Kvitová

Labat, FlorenciaFlorencia Labat

Laffargue, SimoneSimone Laffargue

Laine, EmmaEmma Laine

Lakeman, Joan ?Joan Fry Lakeman

Lamade, BiankaBianka Lamade

Lance Harper, SylviaSylvia Lance Harper

Landry, Nelly AdamsonNelly Adamson Landry

Langrová, PetraPetra Langrová

Lapi, LauraLaura Lapi

Lapushchenkova, AnnaAnna Lapushchenkova

Larcher de Brito, MichelleMichelle Larcher de Brito

Larcombe, Ethel ThomsonEthel Thomson Larcombe

Larsson, JohannaJohanna Larsson

Lazarchuk, OlgaOlga Lazarchuk

Lazzarino, SylvanaSylvana Lazzarino

Lee Ye-Ra

Lee-Waters, LindsayLindsay Lee-Waters

Lehane O’Neill, JanuaryJanuary Lehane O’Neill

Lenglen, SuzanneSuzanne Lenglen

León García, GalaGala León García

Lepchenko, VarvaraVarvara Lepchenko

Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Levine, DorothyDorothy Levine

Li Fang

Li Na

Li Ting

Liggan, KellyKelly Liggan

Likhovtseva, ElenaElena Likhovtseva

Lindqvist, CatarinaCatarina Lindqvist

Linetskaya, EvgeniaEvgenia Linetskaya

Lisicki, SabineSabine Lisicki

Lisjak, IvanaIvana Lisjak

Little, Dorothy RoundDorothy Round Little

Liu Nannan

Lizana, AnitaAnita Lizana

Llagostera Vives, NuriaNuria Llagostera Vives

Loit, ÉmilieÉmilie Loit

Lone, Erika deErika de Lone

Long, Thelma CoyneThelma Coyne Long

Loosemore, SarahSarah Loosemore

Lottum, Noëlle vanNoëlle van Lottum

Louie Harper, Maureen “Peanut”

Maureen “Peanut”

Louie Harper

Lovera, Gail ?Gail Sherriff

Chanfreau Lovera

Lu Jing-Jing

Lubiani, FrancescaFrancesca Lubiani

Luc(ic’, MirjanaMirjana Luc(ic’

Luzhanska, TetianaTetiana Luzhanska

Lyubtsova, OxanaOxana Lyubtsova

MacGregor, Cammy ?Cammy MacGregor

MacGregor, Cynthia ?Cynthia MacGregor

Madruga-Osses, Ivanna ?Ivanna Madrgua-Osses

Maes, CarolineCaroline Maes

Magers, GretchenGretchen Magers

Majoli, IvaIva Majoli

Makarova, EkaterinaEkaterina Makarova

Makarova, ElenaElena Makarova

Maleeva, KaterinaKaterina Maleeva

Maleeva, MagdalenaMagdalena Maleeva

Maleeva-Fragniere, ManuelaManuela Maleeva-Fragniere

Malek, TatjanaTatjana Malek

Mallory, Molla BjurstedtMolla Bjurstedt Mallory

Flag of the United States United States

Mamic’, SandaSanda Mamic’

Manasieva, VesnaVesna Manasieva

Mandlíková, HanaHana Mandlíková

Flag of Australia Australia

Mandula, PetraPetra Mandula

Manfredi, LuciaLucia Manfredi

Maniokova, Eugenia ?Eugenia Maniokova

Marble, AliceAlice Marble

Marosi, KatalinKatalin Marosi

Marrero, MartaMarta Marrero

Marsh, NormaNorma Marsh

Maršíková, ReginaRegina Maršíková

Martic’, PetraPetra Martic’

Martin, StaceyStacey Martin

Martinek, VeronikaVeronika Martinek

Martinez, Cecilia ?Cecilia Martinez

Martínez, ConchitaConchita Martínez

Martínez Granados, ConchitaConchita Martínez Granados

Martínez Sánchez, María José

María José

Martínez Sánchez

Marinovic, SandraSandra Marinovic


Maruska, MarionMarion Maruska

Masthoff, Helga NiessenHelga Niessen Masthoff

Matei, SimonaSimona Matei

Matevžic(, MajaMaja Matevžic(

Mathieu, SimoneSimone Mathieu

Mattek-Sands, BethanieBethanie Mattek-Sands

Mauresmo, AmélieAmélie Mauresmo

May, Kathy ?Kathy May Teacher Paben Fritz

Mayr, PatriciaPatricia Mayr

McCain, KellyKelly McCain

McGrath, MeredithMeredith McGrath

McIlquham, MaryMary McIlquham

McNeil, LoriLori McNeil

McQuillan, RachelRachel McQuillan

McShea, LisaLisa McShea

Medina Garrigues, AnabelAnabel Medina Garrigues

Medvedeva, NataliaNatalia Medvedeva

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Meier, SilkeSilke Meier

Mercelis, ChristianneChristianne Mercelis

Meskhi, LeilaLeila Meskhi

Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia

Meusburger, YvonneYvonne Meusburger

Michel, Margaret ?Margaret “Peggy” Michel

Mihai, FlorentaFlorenta Mihai

Mihalache, MagdaMagda Mihalache

Mikaelian, Marie-GaianeMarie-Gaiane Mikaelian

Miller, AnneAnne Miller

Minter, AnneAnne Minter

Mirza, SaniaSania Mirza

Miyagi, NanaNana Miyagi

Molesworth, CorinneCorinne Molesworth

Molesworth, MargaretMargaret Molesworth

Molik, AliciaAlicia Molik

Monami, DominiqueDominique Monami

Montolio, ÁngelesÁngeles Montolio

Moody, Helen WillsHelen Wills Moody

Moore, JessicaJessica Moore

Moore Huss, SallySally Moore Huss

Morariu, CorinaCorina Morariu

Morigami, AkikoAkiko Morigami

Morita, AyumiAyumi Morita

Morozova, OlgaOlga Morozova

Mortimer Barrett, AngelaAngela Mortimer Barrett

Mothes, CatherineCatherine Mothes

Mottram, Joy GannonJoy Gannon Mottram

Mouhtassine, BahiaBahia Mouhtassine

Mudford King, PhyllisPhyllis Mudford King

Müller, MartinaMartina Müller

Muns-Jagerman, NicoleNicole Muns-Jagerman

Myskina, AnastasiaAnastasia Myskina

List of men Tennis players:


José Acasuso

Adams, DavidDavid Adams

Agassi, AndreAndre Agassi

Agénor, RonaldRonald Agénor

Aguilera, JuanJuan Aguilera

Alami, KarimKarim Alami

Aldrich, PieterPieter Aldrich

Alexander, FredFred Alexander

Alexander, JohnJohn Alexander

Allison, Jr., WilmerWilmer Allison, Jr.

Almagro, NicolásNicolás Almagro

Alonso, ManuelManuel Alonso

Amaya, VictorVictor Amaya

Amritraj, VijayVijay Amritraj

Anc(ic', MarioMario Anc(ic'

Anderson, MalMal Anderson

Andreev, IgorIgor Andreev

Andrews, JohnJohn Andrews

Anger, MattMatt Anger

Annacone, PaulPaul Annacone

Arazi, HichamHicham Arazi

Arias, JimmyJimmy Arias

Arrese, JordiJordi Arrese

Asbóth, JózsefJózsef Asbóth

Ashe, ArthurArthur Ashe

Austin, BunnyBunny Austin

Ayala, LuisLuis Ayala

Baghdatis, MarcosMarcos Baghdatis

Barazzutti, CorradoCorrado Barazzutti

Barthčs, PierrePierre Barthčs

Bates, JeremyJeremy Bates

Becker, BorisBoris Becker

Belkin, MikeMike Belkin

Bengoechea, EduardoEduardo Bengoechea

Benneteau, JulienJulien Benneteau

Berasategui, AlbertoAlberto Berasategui

Berdych, TomášTomáš Berdych

Bergelin, LennartLennart Bergelin

Berger, JayJay Berger

Bergström, ChristianChristian Bergström

Bertolucci, PaoloPaolo Bertolucci

Bhupathi, MaheshMahesh Bhupathi

Björkman, JonasJonas Björkman

Black, ByronByron Black

Black, WayneWayne Black

Blake, JamesJames Blake

Blanco, GaloGalo Blanco

Boetsch, ArnaudArnaud Boetsch

Borg, BjörnBjörn Borg

Borotra, JeanJean Borotra

Borowiak, JeffJeff Borowiak

Bowrey, WilliamWilliam Bowrey

Bromwich, JohnJohn Bromwich

Brookes, NormanNorman Brookes

Brown, GeoffreyGeoffrey Brown

Brown, TomTom Brown

Brugnon, JacquesJacques Brugnon

Bruguera, SergiSergi Bruguera

Bryan, BobBob Bryan

Bryan, MikeMike Bryan

Buchholz, Earl "Butch"Earl "Butch" Buchholz

Budge, DonDon Budge

Cahill, DarrenDarren Cahill

Campbell, OliverOliver Campbell

Calleri, AgustínAgustín Calleri

Camporese, OmarOmar Camporese

Cancellotti, FrancescoFrancesco Cancellotti

Cańas, GuillermoGuillermo Cańas

Caratti, CristianoCristiano Caratti

Carbonell, TomasTomas Carbonell

Carlsson, KentKent Carlsson

Case, RossRoss Case

Cash, PatPat Cash

Chace, MalcolmMalcolm Chace

Champion, ThierryThierry Champion

Chang, MichaelMichael Chang

Chela, Juan IgnacioJuan Ignacio Chela

Cherkasov, AndreiAndrei Cherkasov

Chesnokov, AndreiAndrei Chesnokov

C(ilic', MarinMarin C(ilic'

Clavet, FranciscoFrancisco Clavet

Clément, ArnaudArnaud Clément

Clerc, Jose-LuisJose-Luis Clerc

Clothier, WilliamWilliam Clothier

Cochet, HenriHenri Cochet

Connell, GrantGrant Connell

Connors, JimmyJimmy Connors

Cooke, ElwoodElwood Cooke

Cooper, AshleyAshley Cooper

Cooper, JohnJohn Cooper

Cornejo, PatricioPatricio Cornejo

Coria, GuillermoGuillermo Coria

Corretja, AlexAlex Corretja

Costa, AlbertAlbert Costa

Costa, CarlosCarlos Costa

Courier, JimJim Courier

Cox, MarkMark Cox

Crawford, JackJack Crawford

Crealy, DickDick Crealy

Curren, KevinKevin Curren

Cuevas, PabloPablo Cuevas

Davidson, SvenSven Davidson

Davis, DwightDwight Davis

Davis, ScottScott Davis

Davín, FrancoFranco Davín

Davydenko, NikolayNikolay Davydenko

del Potro, Juan MartínJuan Martín del Potro

Dent, PhilPhil Dent

Dent, TaylorTaylor Dent

Denton, SteveSteve Denton

Dewulf, FilipFilip Dewulf

Dibley, ColinColin Dibley

Dibbs, EddieEddie Dibbs

Dickson, MarkMark Dickson

Diepraam, KeithKeith Diepraam

di Pasquale, ArnaudArnaud di Pasquale

Djokovic', NovakNovak Djokovic'

Dosede(l, SlávaSláva Dosede(l

Draper, ScottScott Draper

Dreekmann, HendrikHendrik Dreekmann

Drewett, BradBrad Drewett

Drobný, JaroslavJaroslav Drobný

Drysdale, CliffCliff Drysdale

Drysdale, RobinRobin Drysdale

Du Pré, PatPat Du Pré

Edberg, StefanStefan Edberg

Edmondson, MarkMark Edmondson

El Aynaoui, YounesYounes El Aynaoui

El Shafei, IsmailIsmail El Shafei

Eltingh, JaccoJacco Eltingh

Emerson, RoyRoy Emerson

Enqvist, ThomasThomas Enqvist

Erlich, JonathanJonathan Erlich

Escudé, NicolasNicolas Escudé

Evernden, KellyKelly Evernden

Fairlie, BrianBrian Fairlie

Falkenburg, RobertRobert Falkenburg

Federer, RogerRoger Federer

Feigl, PeterPeter Feigl

Ferreira, WayneWayne Ferreira

Ferrer, DavidDavid Ferrer

Ferrero, Juan CarlosJuan Carlos Ferrero

Fibak, WojtekWojtek Fibak

Filippini, MarceloMarcelo Filippini

Fillol, JaimeJaime Fillol

Fish, MardyMardy Fish

Fitzgerald, JohnJohn Fitzgerald

Flach, KenKen Flach

Flam, HerbieHerbie Flam

Fleming, PeterPeter Fleming

Forbes, GordonGordon Forbes

Forget, GuyGuy Forget

Franulovic', ŽeljkoŽeljko Franulovic'

Neale Fraser, Neale Fraser

Frawley, RodRod Frawley

Froehling, FrankFrank Froehling

Fromberg, RichardRichard Fromberg

Furlan, RenzoRenzo Furlan

Galbraith, PatrickPatrick Galbraith

Gambill, Jan-MichaelJan-Michael Gambill

Gasquet, RichardRichard Gasquet

Gaudenzi, AndreaAndrea Gaudenzi

Gaudio, GastónGastón Gaudio

Gerulaitis, VitasVitas Gerulaitis

Giammalva, SamSam Giammalva

Giammalva, Jr., SammySammy Giammalva, Jr.

Giltinan, BobBob Giltinan

Robby Ginepri, Robby Ginepri

Gisbert, Sr., JuanJuan Gisbert, Sr.

Gitlin, DrewDrew Gitlin

Gilbert, BradBrad Gilbert

Gildemeister, HansHans Gildemeister

Glickstein, ShlomoShlomo Glickstein

Goldie, DanDan Goldie

Golmard, JérômeJérôme Golmard

Gómez, AndrésAndrés Gómez

Gonzales, PanchoPancho Gonzales

González, FernandoFernando González

Goold, Vere St. LegerVere St. Leger Goold

Gore, SpencerSpencer Gore

Gorman, TomTom Gorman

Gottfried, BrianBrian Gottfried

Goven, GeorgesGeorges Goven

Grabb, JimJim Grabb

Graebner, ClarkClark Graebner

Greenberg, SeymourSeymour Greenberg

Grosjean, SébastienSébastien Grosjean

Gulbis, ErnestsErnests Gulbis

Gullikson, TimTim Gullikson

Gullikson, TomTom Gullikson

Gulyas, IstvanIstvan Gulyas

Gunnarsson, JanJan Gunnarsson

Günthardt, HeinzHeinz Günthardt

Gustafsson, MagnusMagnus Gustafsson

Haarhuis, PaulPaul Haarhuis

Haas, TommyTommy Haas

Hackett, HaroldHarold Hackett

Hadow, FrankFrank Hadow

Hamilton, WilloughbyWilloughby Hamilton

Ha(nescu, VictorVictor Ha(nescu

Harmon, RodneyRodney Harmon

Hartley, JohnJohn Hartley

Henman, TimTim Henman

Hennessey, JohnJohn Hennessey

Hewitt, Robert "Bob"Robert "Bob" Hewitt

Hewitt, LleytonLleyton Hewitt

Higueras, JoséJosé Higueras

Hlasek, JakobJakob Hlasek

Hoad, LewLew Hoad

Holm, HenrikHenrik Holm

Holmes, GregGreg Holmes

Hooper, ChipChip Hooper

Horna, LuisLuis Horna

Hovey, Frederik "Fred"Frederik "Fred" Hovey

Hrbatý, DominikDominik Hrbatý

Hr(ebec, Jir(íJir(í Hr(ebec

Hunt, Joseph "Joe"Joseph "Joe" Hunt

Hunter, FrankFrank Hunter

Huss, StephenStephen Huss

Ivaniševic', GoranGoran Ivaniševic'

Isner, JohnJohn Isner

Jaite, MartinMartin Jaite

Jauffret, FrançoisFrançois Jauffret

Järryd, AndersAnders Järryd

Johansson, JoachimJoachim Johansson

Johansson, ThomasThomas Johansson

Johnston, "Little Bill""Little Bill" Johnston

Johnson, DonaldDonald Johnson

Jones, KellyKelly Jones

Jovanovic, BoroBoro Jovanovic

Kafelnikov, YevgenyYevgeny Kafelnikov

Karbacher, BerndBernd Karbacher

Karlovic', IvoIvo Karlovic'

Kiefer, NicolasNicolas Kiefer

Knight, BillyBilly Knight

Knowle, JulianJulian Knowle

Knowles, MarkMark Knowles

Koch, ThomazThomaz Koch

Kodeš, JanJan Kodeš

Kohlschreiber, PhilippPhilipp Kohlschreiber

Korda, PetrPetr Korda

Koubek, StefanStefan Koubek

Koželuh, JanJan Koželuh

Koželuh, KarelKarel Koželuh

Krajicek, RichardRichard Krajicek

Kramer, JackJack Kramer

Krickstein, AaronAaron Krickstein

Kriek, JohanJohan Kriek

Krishnan, RamanathanRamanathan Krishnan

Krishnan, RameshRamesh Krishnan

Kronk, PaulPaul Kronk

Kuerten, GustavoGustavo Kuerten

Kuc(era, KarolKarol Kuc(era

Kulti, NicklasNicklas Kulti

Lacoste, RenéRené Lacoste

Lapentti, NicolásNicolás Lapentti

Lareau, SébastienSébastien Lareau

Larned, William "Bill"William "Bill" Larned

Larsen, ArtArt Larsen

Larsson, MagnusMagnus Larsson

Laver, RodRod Laver

Lawford, HerbertHerbert Lawford

Layendecker, GlennGlenn Layendecker

Leach, RickRick Leach

Leconte, HenriHenri Leconte

Lendl, IvanIvan Lendl

Lewis, ChrisChris Lewis

Ljubic(ic', IvanIvan Ljubic(ic'

Llodra, MichaëlMichaël Llodra

Lloyd, JohnJohn Lloyd

López, FelicianoFeliciano López

Lott, GeorgeGeorge Lott

Lundgren, PeterPeter Lundgren

Lutz, BobBob Lutz

MacKay, BarryBarry MacKay

Mako, GeneGene Mako

Malisse, XavierXavier Malisse

Mansdorf, AmosAmos Mansdorf

Mancini, AlbertoAlberto Mancini

Manson, BruceBruce Manson

Mantilla, FélixFélix Mantilla

Marks, JohnJohn Marks

Martin, BillyBilly Martin

Martin, ToddTodd Martin

Massú, NicolásNicolás Massú

Masters, GeoffGeoff Masters

Masur, WallyWally Masur

Mathieu, Paul-HenriPaul-Henri Mathieu

Matsuoka, ShuzoShuzo Matsuoka

Maurer, AndreasAndreas Maurer

Mayer, FlorianFlorian Mayer

Mayer, GeneGene Mayer

Mayer, SandySandy Mayer

Mayotte, TimTim Mayotte

McEnroe, JohnJohn McEnroe

McEnroe, PatrickPatrick McEnroe

McNamara, PeterPeter McNamara

McGregor, KenKen McGregor

McKinley, ChuckChuck McKinley

McLoughlin, MauriceMaurice McLoughlin

McNamee, PaulPaul McNamee

McNeill, DonDon McNeill

McMillan, FrewFrew McMillan

Mec(ír(, MiloslavMiloslav Mec(ír(

Medvedev, AndreiAndrei Medvedev

Meiler, KarlKarl Meiler

Meligeni, FernandoFernando Meligeni

Melzer, JurgenJurgen Melzer

Metreveli, AlexAlex Metreveli

Mirnyi, MaxMax Mirnyi

Mónaco, JuanJuan Mónaco

Monfils, GaëlGaël Monfils

Moodie, WesleyWesley Moodie

Moore, RaymondRaymond Moore

Mottram, BusterBuster Mottram

Moyŕ, CarlosCarlos Moyŕ

Mulligan, MartyMarty Mulligan

Mulloy, GardnarGardnar Mulloy

Müller, GillesGilles Müller

Murray, AndyAndy Murray

Murray, RobertRobert Murray

Muster, ThomasThomas Muster

Nadal, RafaelRafael Nadal

Nalbandian, DavidDavid Nalbandian

Na(stase, IlieIlie Na(stase

Nestor, DanielDaniel Nestor

Newcombe, JohnJohn Newcombe

Nielsen, KurtKurt Nielsen

Nieminen, JarkkoJarkko Nieminen

Noah, YannickYannick Noah

Norman, MagnusMagnus Norman

Novác(ek, KarelKarel Novác(ek

Novák, Jir(íJir(í Novák

Nüsslein, HansHans Nüsslein

Nyström, JoakimJoakim Nyström

O’Brien, AlexAlex O’Brien

Okker, TomTom Okker

Olmedo, Alejandro "Alex"Alejandro "Alex" Olmedo

Orantes, ManuelManuel Orantes

Osborne, JimJim Osborne

Osuna, RafaelRafael Osuna

Paes, LeanderLeander Paes

Pails, DinnyDinny Pails

Palmer, JaredJared Palmer

Panatta, AdrianoAdriano Panatta

Parun, OnnyOnny Parun

Pasarell, CharlieCharlie Pasarell

Pate, DavidDavid Pate

Patterson, GeraldGerald Patterson

Pattison, AndrewAndrew Pattison

Patty, BudgeBudge Patty

Pavel, AndreiAndrei Pavel

Pecci, VictorVictor Pecci

Pellizza, PierrePierre Pellizza

Pérez Roldán, GuillermoGuillermo Pérez Roldán

Pernfors, MikaelMikael Pernfors

Perry, FredFred Perry

Petra, YvonYvon Petra

Pfister, HankHank Pfister

Philippoussis, MarkMark Philippoussis

MooreBarry Phillips

Pietrangeli, NicolaNicola Pietrangeli

Pilic, NikkiNikki Pilic

Pimek, LiborLibor Pimek

Pinner, UlrichUlrich Pinner

Pioline, CédricCédric Pioline

Pohmann, Han JurgenHan Jurgen Pohmann

Popp, AlexanderAlexander Popp

Prpic', GoranGoran Prpic'

Proisy, PatrickPatrick Proisy

Puerta, MarianoMariano Puerta

Pugh, JimJim Pugh

Puncec, FranjoFranjo Puncec

Purcell, MelMel Purcell

Querrey, SamSam Querrey

Quist, AdrianAdrian Quist

Rafter, PatrickPatrick Rafter

Ralston, DennisDennis Ralston

Ram, AndyAndy Ram

Ramírez, RaúlRaúl Ramírez

Reneberg, RicheyRichey Reneberg

Rennert, PeterPeter Rennert

Renshaw, ErnestErnest Renshaw

Renshaw, WilliamWilliam Renshaw

Richards, George E.George E. Richards

Richards, VinnieVinnie Richards

Richey, CliffCliff Richey

Riggs, BobbyBobby Riggs

Riessen, MartyMarty Riessen

Ríos, MarceloMarcelo Ríos

Robredo, TommyTommy Robredo

Roche, TonyTony Roche

Rochus, OlivierOlivier Rochus

Roddick, AndyAndy Roddick

Roger-Vasselin, ChristopheChristophe Roger-Vasselin

Rosewall, KenKen Rosewall

Rosset, MarcMarc Rosset

Rostagno, DerrickDerrick Rostagno

Ruffels, RayRay Ruffels

Rusedski, GregGreg Rusedski

Russell, AlejoAlejo Russell

Sá, AndréAndré Sá

Sadri, JohnJohn Sadri

Safin, MaratMarat Safin

Sampras, PetePete Sampras

Sánchez, EmilioEmilio Sánchez

Sánchez, JavierJavier Sánchez

Santana, ManuelManuel Santana

Santoro, FabriceFabrice Santoro

Sato, JiroJiro Sato

Savitt, DickDick Savitt

Scanlon, BillBill Scanlon

Schalken, SjengSjeng Schalken

Schapers, MichielMichiel Schapers

Schroeder, TedTed Schroeder

Schüttler, RainerRainer Schüttler

Sedgman, FrankFrank Sedgman

Segura, PanchoPancho Segura

Seguso, RobertRobert Seguso

Shimizu, ZenzoZenzo Shimizu

Siemerink, JanJan Siemerink

Simon, GillesGilles Simon

Skeen, DickDick Skeen

Skoff, HorstHorst Skoff

Slocum, HenryHenry Slocum

Složil, PavelPavel Složil

Šmíd, TomášTomáš Šmíd

Smith, StanStan Smith

Söderling, RobinRobin Söderling

Solomon, HaroldHarold Solomon

Spadea, VinceVince Spadea

Squillari, FrancoFranco Squillari

Šrejber, MilanMilan Šrejber

Srichaphan, ParadornParadorn Srichaphan

Stark, JonathanJonathan Stark

Steeb, Carl-UweCarl-Uwe Steeb

Stenlund, UlfUlf Stenlund

Šte(pánek, RadekRadek Šte(pánek

Steven, BrettBrett Steven

Stewart, SherwoodSherwood Stewart

Stich, MichaelMichael Stich

Stockton, DickDick Stockton

Stoefen, LesLes Stoefen

Stolle, FredFred Stolle

Stolle, SandonSandon Stolle

Stoltenberg, JasonJason Stoltenberg

Stone, AllanAllan Stone

Sturgess, EricEric Sturgess

Suk, CyrilCyril Suk

Sundström, HenrikHenrik Sundström

Svensson, JonasJonas Svensson

Tanner, RoscoeRoscoe Tanner

Taróczy, BalázsBalázs Taróczy

Taylor, RogerRoger Taylor

Teacher, BrianBrian Teacher

Teltscher, EliotEliot Teltscher

Testerman, BenBen Testerman

Tilden, BillBill Tilden

Tillström, MikaelMikael Tillström

T,iriac, IonIon T,iriac

Trabert, TonyTony Trabert

Tsonga, Jo-WilfriedJo-Wilfried Tsonga

Tulasne, ThierryThierry Tulasne

Tursunov, DmitryDmitry Tursunov

Ullyett, KevinKevin Ullyett

van Rensburg, ChristoChristo van Rensburg

Van’t Hof, RobertRobert Van’t Hof

Verdasco, FernandoFernando Verdasco

Verkerk, MartinMartin Verkerk

Vieira, ArmandoArmando Vieira

Vilas, GuillermoGuillermo Vilas

Vines, EllsworthEllsworth Vines

Visser, DanieDanie Visser

Voinea, AdrianAdrian Voinea

Volandri, FilippoFilippo Volandri

Vladimirovich Volkov, AlexanderAlexander Vladimirovich Volkov

von Cramm, GottfriedGottfried von Cramm

Walts, ButchButch Walts

Warder, LaurieLaurie Warder

Warwick, KimKim Warwick

Washington, MaliVaiMaliVai Washington

Wawrinka, StanislasStanislas Wawrinka

Wheaton, DavidDavid Wheaton

Wilander, MatsMats Wilander

Wilding, TonyTony Wilding

Wilkison, TimTim Wilkison

Wilson, BobbyBobby Wilson

Witsken, ToddTodd Witsken

Woodbridge, ToddTodd Woodbridge

Woodforde, MarkMark Woodforde

Woodruff, ChrisChris Woodruff

Youzhny, MikhailMikhail Youzhny

Yzaga, JaimeJaime Yzaga

Zabaleta, MarianoMariano Zabaleta

Zedník, VladimirVladimir Zedník

Zimonjic', NenadNenad Zimonjic'

Živojinovic', SlobodanSlobodan Živojinovic'

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Here’s a list of some of the tournaments: Barclays ATP World Tour Finals , BNP Paribas Open , Sony Ericsson Open , Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters , Mutua Madrileńa Madrid Open , Internazionali BNL d'Italia , Rogers Cup , Western & Southern Financial Group Masters , Shanghai Rolex Masters , BNP Paribas Masters , ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament , Regions Morgan Keegan Championships , Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships , Abierto Mexicano Telcel , Barcelona Open BancSabadell , German Open Tennis Championships , Legg Mason Tennis Classic , Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships , China Open , Swiss Indoors Basel , Valencia Open 500 , Brisbane International , Qatar ExxonMobil Open , Aircel Chennai Open , Heineken Open , Medibank International , Movistar Open , PBZ Zagreb Indoors , SA Tennis Open , SAP Open , Brasil Open , Open 13 , Copa Telmex , Delray Beach International Tennis Championships , Grand Prix Hassan II , US Men's Clay Court Championship , BMW Open , Estoril Open , Serbia Open , Open de Nice Côte d'Azur , AEGON Championships , Gerry Weber Open , UNICEF Open , AEGON International , Campbell's Hall of Fame Tennis Championships, SkiStar Swedish Open , Mercedes Cup , Atlanta Tennis Championships , Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad , Farmers Classic , Studena Croatia Open Umag , Pilot Pen Tennis at Yale , Open de Moselle , BCR Open Romania , PTT Thailand Open , Malaysian Open , If Stockholm Open , Kremlin Cup , Bank Austria TennisTrophy Open and Sud de France, St. Petersburg Open. Head, Wilson, Tenis and Atp Search!

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Serna, MagüiMagüi Serna

Serra Zanetti, AdrianaAdriana Serra Zanetti

Serra Zanetti, AntonellaAntonella Serra Zanetti

Sescioreanu, DeliaDelia Sescioreanu

Sevastova, AnastasijaAnastasija Sevastova

Sfar, SelimaSelima Sfar

Sharapova, MariaMaria Sharapova

Shaughnessy, MeghannMeghann Shaughnessy

Shaw, WinnieWinnie Shaw

Shepherd-Barron, DorothyDorothy Shepherd-Barron

Shoemaker, Betty NuthallBetty Nuthall Shoemaker

Shriver, PamPam Shriver

Shvedova, YaroslavaYaroslava Shvedova

Sidot, Anne-GaëlleAnne-Gaëlle Sidot

Silva, NeuzaNeuza Silva

Simon-Glinel, Brigitte ?Brigitte Simon-Glinel

Singer, Christina ?Christina Singer

Skavronskaia, LioudmilaLioudmila Skavronskaia

Sloane-Lundy, Susan ?Susan Sloane-Lundy

Smashnova, AnnaAnna Smashnova

Smith, AnneAnne Smith

Smith, Jean WalkerJean Walker Smith

Smith, SamanthaSamantha Smith

Smylie, ElizabethElizabeth Smylie

Snyder, TaraTara Snyder

Soler Espinosa, SilviaSilvia Soler Espinosa

South, MelanieMelanie South

Spears, AbigailAbigail Spears

Sperling, Hilde KrahwinkelHilde Krahwinkel Sperling

Flag of Denmark Denmark

Spîrlea, IrinaIrina Spîrlea

Šprem, KarolinaKarolina Šprem

Srebotnik, KatarinaKatarina Srebotnik

Šromová, HanaHana Šromová

Stafford, Shaun ?Shaun Stafford

Stammers Bullitt, KayKay Stammers Bullitt

Stark, Carolin BabcockCarolin Babcock Stark

Stevens, GreerGreer Stevens

Stevenson, AlexandraAlexandra Stevenson

Stoop, GeorgieGeorgie Stoop

Stosur, SamanthaSamantha Stosur

Stöve, BettyBetty Stöve

Strandlund, Maria ?Maria Strandlund

Strnadová, AndreaAndrea Strnadová

Stubbs, RennaeRennae Stubbs

Studeníková, KatarínaKatarína Studeníková

Suárez, PaolaPaola Suárez

Suarez Navarro, CarlaCarla Suarez Navarro

Subirats, ElenaElena Subirats

Suchá, MartinaMartina Suchá

Sugiyama, AiAi Sugiyama

Suková, HelenaHelena Suková

Suková, Ve(raVe(ra Suková

Summers, Sheila ?Sheila Piercey Summers

Sun Shengnan

Sun Tiantian

Susman, Karen HantzeKaren Hantze Susman

Sutton Bundy, MayMay Sutton Bundy

Suurbeek, AstridAstrid Suurbeek

Svensson, ĹsaĹsa Svensson

Švíglerová, Eva ?Eva Švíglerová

Swardt, Mariaan deMariaan de Swardt

Szatmari, Agnes ?Agnes Szatmari

Szabó, Éva ?Éva Szabó

Szávay, ÁgnesÁgnes Szávay

Takao, ErikaErika Takao

Talaja, SilvijaSilvija Talaja

Tamaela, EliseElise Tamaela

Tanasugarn, TamarineTamarine Tanasugarn

Tanvier, CatherineCatherine Tanvier

Tapscott, Ruth ?Ruth Daphne

Billie Tapscott

Tarabini, PatriciaPatricia Tarabini

Tatarkova, ElenaElena Tatarkova

Tatishvili, AnnaAnna Tatishvili

Tauziat, NathalieNathalie Tauziat

Taylor, SarahSarah Taylor

Tedjakusuma, RomanaRomana Tedjakusuma

Teeguarden, PamPam Teeguarden

Tegart Dalton, JudyJudy Tegart Dalton

Temesvári, AndreaAndrea Temesvári

Tessi, CristiniaCristinia Tessi

Testud, SandrineSandrine Testud

Thorén, PetraPetra Thorén

Timotic’, AnaAna Timotic’

Todd, Patricia CanningPatricia Canning Todd

Tomanová, RenátaRenáta Tomanová

Torrens Valero, CristinaCristina Torrens Valero

Truman Janes, ChristineChristine Truman Janes

Tu, MeilenMeilen Tu

Tuckey Maule, KayKay Tuckey Maule

Tuero, LindaLinda Tuero

Tulyaganova, IrodaIroda Tulyaganova

Turnbull, WendyWendy Turnbull

Turner Bowrey, LesleyLesley Turner Bowrey

Tyrell, CC Tyrell

Uberoi, NehaNeha Uberoi

Uberoi, ShikhaShikha Uberoi

Ungur, Liana-Gabriela ?Liana-Gabriela Ungur

Vaidišová, NicoleNicole Vaidišová

Vakulenko, JuliaJulia Vakulenko

Valerio, Lucia ?Lucia Valerio

Vašková, AlenaAlena Vašková

Vavrinec, MiroslavaMiroslava Vavrinec

Vento-Kabchi, MariaMaria Vento-Kabchi

Vesnina, ElenaElena Vesnina

Vieira, AndreaAndrea Vieira

Vierin, NathalieNathalie Vierin

Ville, Stephanie deStephanie de Ville

Vinci, RobertaRoberta Vinci

Viratprasert, SuchananSuchanan Viratprasert

Voegele, StefanieStefanie Voegele

Vollmer, ErikaErika Vollmer

Kodesova, VlastaVlasta Kodesova

Vorác(ová, RenataRenata Vorác(ová

Voskoboeva, GalinaGalina Voskoboeva

Vrljic, AnaAna Vrljic

Vukovich, Bernice CarrBernice Carr Vukovich

Wade, VirginiaVirginia Wade

Walsh, SharonSharon Walsh

Wang Shi-ting

Ward Hales, PatriciaPatricia Ward Hales

Wartusch, PatriciaPatricia Wartusch

Washington, MashonaMashona Washington

Wasserman, SandraSandra Wasserman

Watanabe, JoleneJolene Watanabe

Watson, CindyCindy Watson

Watson, MaudMaud Watson

Watson, Phoebe HolcroftPhoebe Holcroft Watson

Webb, VanessaVanessa Webb

Weingärtner, MarleneMarlene Weingärtner

Weiss, MariaMaria Weiss

Weiwers, AliceAlice Weiwers

Wheeler, ChristinaChristina Wheeler

Wheeler, Mimi ArnoldMimi Arnold Wheeler

Whitaker, Nancy ?Whitaker, Nancy Chaffee


White, RobinRobin White

Whitlinger, TamiTami Whitlinger

Whittingstall, Eileen Bennett

Eileen Bennett


Wibowo, SuzannaSuzanna Wibowo

Wickmayer, YaninaYanina Wickmayer

Widjaja, AngeliqueAngelique Widjaja

Widjaja, JenniferJennifer Widjaja

Wienerova, LenkaLenka Wienerova

Wiesner, JudithJudith Wiesner

Wightman, Hazel


Hotchkiss Wightman

Williams, SerenaSerena Williams

Williams, VenusVenus Williams

Wipplinger, Julia ?Julia Wipplinger

Witmeyer, Marianne WerdelMarianne Werdel Witmeyer

Woerle, KathrinKathrin Woerle

Wood, ClareClare Wood

Wozniacki, CarolineCaroline Wozniacki

Wozniak, AleksandraAleksandra Wozniak

Xie Yanze

Yakimova, AnastasiyaAnastasiya Yakimova

Yan Zi

Yi Jing-Qian

Yonemura, TomokoTomoko Yonemura

Yoshida, YukaYuka Yoshida

Yuan Meng

Záhlavová-Strýcová, BarboraBarbora Záhlavová-Strýcová

Zahlavova, SandraSandra Zahlavova

Zakopalová, KláraKlára Zakopalová

Zardo, EmanuelaEmanuela Zardo

Zec Peskiric, MasaMasa Zec Peskiric

Zhang Shuai

Zheng Jie

Zivec-Skulj, MajaMaja Zivec-Skulj

Zrubáková, RadkaRadka Zrubáková

Zuluaga, FabiolaFabiola Zuluaga

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